Clinical practicality, predictability, and high primary stability.
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The unique macro-geometry featuring progressive cutting thread design makes EPIKUT the state of the art for cases of immediate loading, low density bone and post extraction alveolus. Extremely versatile, EPIKUT can also be used in other clinical situations as long as the indicated clinical milling protocol is followed.

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  • Unique HAnano Surface

    Nanosurface accelerates osseointegration and promotes a mechanical quality of the bone that is formed around this highly hydrophilic surface, exclusive to Plus implants.

    Unique HAnano Surface
  • Many possibilities

    An implant to make your everyday life easier. The MT and EH connections are available in the Double acid etching version and with the Plus HAnano Surface.

    Many possibilities
  • Accelerated bone healing

    The high hydrophilic is generated by an ultra-thin and homogeneous layer of hydroxyapatite. It favors and enhances the activity of proteins involved in the osseointegration process.

    Accelerated bone healing