Is an initiative to promote scientific and technological knowledge through study groups led by S.I.N’s Implantology ambassadors. Implant System and recognized worldwide.

Each meeting brings a theme of great relevance in the dentistry field, allowing participants to expand their knowledge, leverage their careers and even strengthen their networking.



To help you have a better experience with us every time, we prepared a list with frequent asked questions and their respective answers.

What are the benefits of participating of Thinkers?

Thinkers offers up-to-date and relevant content to add to your clinical routine, a space for discussion and improvement of techniques and concepts, in addition to promoting interaction with other professionals in the market to share experiences and networking.

Who are the Thinkers leaders?

There are 4 S.I.Ns around the world responsible for sharing scientific and technological knowledge through small study groups: Dr. Bruno Candeias – S.I.N. Ambassador Brazil / Dr. Patrícia Fretes – S.I.N. Ambassador Paraguay / Dr. Fernando Duarte – S.I.N. Ambassador Portugal / Dr. Rick Kline – S.I.N. Ambassador USA

How can I participate?

The registrations must be made on the website whenever Thinkers dates and times are confirmed. Check the available agenda and choose the group with the date and theme that best fits your interests.

Are there seats limits?

Yes, groups are limited to just 15 participants, so after sending your confirmation, keep an eye on your email. We will always confirm your vacancy through this channel.

How do I find out more about the schedule?

The schedule will be announced on S.I.N’s communication channels. We have no schedule at this moment. Soon more details will be announced.