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The cycle of smiles we spread, made from people to people.

Since 2003, our mission has been the development and production of dental implants and dental solutions, utilizing the most advanced and sophisticated technologies. We base our practices on robust scientific evidence and the highest quality standards, guided by visionary thinking oriented towards innovation.

As pioneers in Brazilian territory, we have expanded our global presence, currently being present in more than 20 countries. We work boldly, thinking globally, and through science and knowledge, we redefine the future of Implantology on an international scale.

We are committed to creating solutions that make dental practice more efficient, supporting dental professionals to ensure daily success. We concentrate our efforts on generating positive impacts on society, restoring confidence, self-esteem, and happiness to thousands of smiles around the world.


We believe that happiness, when shared, becomes something memorable. It is through it that we express, sincerely, care and affection, possessing the power to infect and multiply!

We reinforce our commitment ‘H2H’, starting the cycle of smiles in the factory through our Collaborators, with the mission of spreading this feeling among our Partners and Patients.

This is our philosophy. We seek more and more to connect through this purpose so that new smiles are generated every day, and you are the main agent of transformation in this operation.


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